3 January 2013
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Today I wrote a foreach loop that works.

Also, Gerda Lerner died. In the 1960s, along with other pioneer scholars, Lerner pretty much invented the field of women’s history. She founded the women’s history departments at Sarah Lawrence and at UW. Here’s a link to her obituary in the State Journal.

I studied history at the University of Montana in the 1980s. While I didn’t study with Dr. Lerner, her scholarship was hugely important to me. Her writing and thinking legitimized my experience, and the experiences of my mother and her mother and all those women way back in time. I’m forever grateful for her.

I found out about her death right after I wrote a foreach loop in php that actually got some information from a mySql database correctly and put it where I wanted it. In other words, I’m learning a programming language and it’s going okay. I’m 52 years old.

Dr. Lerner was 45 when she got her Ph.D. So, her entire career took place during middle age and after.

That’s about the time in a woman’s life when she’s perceived less as a person and more as a caricature, an architypal Old Lady who isn’t quite bright or hip or meaningful.

But Lerner went ahead and was amazing anyway. I think, in some way, she inspired me to keep plugging away with php until I mastered the foreach loop.

Thanks, Dr. Lerner. Rest in peace.

30 September 2012
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Got a puppy named Frankie.

See above! He looks innocent, but he is not. When I turn my back, he jumps up on the dining room table looking for crumbs.

Went to Wordcamp Milwaukee

Fun! Wordcamp is a meetup for people who use the Wordpress platform. I met smart wordpress people like Brad Parbs, Aaron Holbrook – and reconnected with Joann Martin.

Joann and I were waitresses together twenty-some years ago at Kosta’s in Madison. She still has the cutest hair of anyone ever. And she’s a great designer.

Created a 16-page Event Guide for Reedsburg
Fermentation Fest

The tabloid newspaper format works very well for this project – it encourages a casual, fun design style that fits the Festival. And the printing price was great!

Event Guide

Also, updated the website for the same festival, created a number of ads for local periodicals and worked on other collateral.

The fun part of the event guide was the map – click here for more info, or to download a pdf copy.

But wait there’s more!

And I grew gigantic cabbages in my garden; I’m using them to make sauerkraut. More about all that later.

In addition to the Fest, I have a bunch of other web projects in the works.

10 April 2012
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Here’s a chicken sketch I did yesterday, when I was supposed to be doing other things. I’ve had chickens on the brain lately.

I went to a Prairie du Sac Village Board Code Committee meeting a few weeks ago. The committee addressed the request to allow chickens in the village.

Some members of the committee seemed dead set against allowing people to own chickens in the village, even though they did not seem to have read any of the material sent to them by urban chicken supporters. They seemed to think people might want to have small farming operations on their back patios, with roosters and all, rather than the three or four hens people actually support.

But some members were open to the idea, and had heard of the whole urban chicken movement, so that was hopeful.

Also, a half-dozen or so urban chicken supporters were at the meeting to show solidarity and numbers. And they had clearly done a lot of homework on other Wisconsin municipalities that allow chickens and those communities’ ordinances. I was pretty impressed at how professional it seemed.

So now its a process of waiting as the notion of urban chickens works its way through the slow-turning wheels of the village board.

Meanwhile, here’s what my mushrooms are doing.

4 April 2012
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I bought a DIY mushroom kit at the supermarket the other day. I’m completely a sucker for odd DIY projects. Over the years, I have made my own sourdough starter and sourdough bread, kimchee, sauerkraut, pasta, clothes and more. Some of these projects have gone better than others (you’ll never see me wearing homemade clothes).

I have high hopes for my mushrooms, though! They’re from Back to the Roots. Pretty soon, if I diligently mist my mushroom kit, there’ll be oyster mushrooms sprouting from the middle of the plastic area. Cool.

I’ll keep you all posted about the progress of my fungus.

3 April 2012
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For your artistic enjoyment: yesterday’s date, beautifully illuminated, with eyes on stalks.

This is my version of spring fever.

Also, ask me about my mushrooms.


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Along with other pioneer scholars, Lerner pretty much invented the field of women’s history.

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Mushroom box

I’ll keep you all posted about the progress of my fungus.

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